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This is my selling journal.



For Singapore buyers - POSB Inter-Bank transfer (preferred), Cash in the mail in SGD (at buyers' own risk), Paypal. Meetups is only possible if you buy in bulk or if the items are heavy. Details of meetup will be discussed further in emails. However, payment is required first even for meetups. (Sorry!)
For overseas buyers - Paypal Only. Buyer to pay 5.4% Paypal fees.

Orders are confirmed and payment is expected when you receive a confirmation email from me. There will be no refund once payment is received. Please do not ask me to email you as I may forget. Leave a comment or email me instead if you are interested. My email is baka_no @ yahoo.com.sg (remove spaces). 

In cases where there are more than one buyer interested in an item, I will sell to the first person who confirms the purchase. Such email/ comments as 'I am interested....blah blah' will not be taken as a confirmation that you want to buy the item. If you are really interested in buying, please tell me 'I wish to buy.....' or 'I want to buy.....' It's best that you leave a comment here so others can see it too. Thank you.

Note: I do not keep items. If payment is not made within 3 days, I will sell the item to the next interested party. Unless you have a valid reason (ie, pay will only come in end of the month and you're guaranteed to buy), will I reserve the item for you. If payment is still not made after repeated attempts on contacting you (reply to your comment is considered an attempt), item will be resold. There will be no arguments on this as I am tired of waiting for buyers who do not reply.


I ship internationally. All items will be sent out by REGISTERED AIRMAIL..
All items bought will be shipped within 3 working days upon receiving of payment. (Usually on the day itself or one day after). Depending on where you are it'll take generally 6-12 working days for the item to reach you unless shipped by sea. If there is any restrictions for imports in your country, please check before purchasing. I will not be responsible for any lost, confiscated or delayed items due to customs. 
Buyers will have to pay for the shipping. Just leave a comment if you want to ask about shipping. I guarantee that all items will be packed nicely and properly to ensure that no damage will be done during the shipping. Items are checked and all defects are stated here. I will not be responsible for any other defects that occurs in the course of shipment.

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